France means Business

Located at the heart of the world’s largest consumer market, France has a strong and diversified economy, world class industrial sectors and companies at the top of their sectors. PARIS is Europe’s top Trade Show destination


As one of the world’s leaders in several industries, France is located at the heart of the world’s largest consumer market. The country provides an ideal springboard not only to Europe but also to Africa and the Middle East.

A strong and diversified economy

  • France is Europe’s second largest economy and the fifth largest in the world.
  • France is Europe’s second largest consumer market, with 65 million inhabitants.
  • France is the world’s leading tourist destination, with 83 million visitors (World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), 2013).
  • With its overseas territories, France’s influence extends to all the world’s oceans; it has the second largest exclusive economic zone (11 million sq. km.) after the United States.

World-class industrial sectors

  • France is Europe’s largest aerospace and nuclear industries
  • France is Europe’s second largest agri-food and chemical industries.
  • France is Europe’s third largest ICT and pharmaceutical sectors.

Worldwide high standards

  • We have an extensive international network of venues and organisers
  • International and French businesses participate in exhibitions throughout the world, hassle free.
  • Exhibitors from around the world are encouraged and supported while presenting their businesses.

  • (* Source : Business France)


PARIS is Europe’s top Trade Show destination

Hosting almost 200 international trade shows each year, Paris is way ahead of other European cities such as Milan and Madrid.

  • No 1 for the number of events No 1 for exhibitor numbers
  • No 1 for visitor numbers
  • No 1 for total net stand space (Paris has 682,200 m²)

Sophisticated infrastructure in keeping with world-class events:

  • Paris is the world’s top tourist destination, boasting over 110,000 hotel rooms across all categories. It is easily accessible by road, air and rail from the major French and European cities. A welcome package produced by Paris Region’s key business tourism players* has been in place since 2009 to help welcome, inform, guide and transport international trade show participants.

* Comité des Expositions de Paris; Comité Régional du Tourisme; Viparis

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